Profound is the knowledge that God does exist!

No need for a preacher to tell,

Nor for a Prophet to explain everything,

Or how to escape flaming Hell!



You saw God’s love in that cooking flame!

Felt it in sunshine comfort!

While that flame burns in Hell forever

We cannot go on without it!



Do not need to be bad to enjoy a cooked meal

While animal’s eat raw flesh.

We, people, prefer it prepared, that is cooked,

Over fire! Just no contest!



God who taught us its use time ago,

Maybe the appreciation,

Or burning in Hell forevermore

Could it be inflammation?



Thank God for its use or burn in it!

That is the difference we see.

Thankful heart we learn from our Maker

In Heaven longing to be!



Appreciation! The Cornerstone!

Ached and pains to counteract

To burn away sin or burn evermore

Is this Heaven’s contract?



A grateful heart is a knowing one!

Just as aches and pains do exist

We learn to appreciate God’s favor

Whenever they do persist!



How does a strong man grow stronger?

Of course, new clothes to fit!

Muscles grow hard with hard work we know!

Cannot get away from it!



No flabbiness when hard work is involved

Aches and pains do follow,

To work at being Christ’s followers

Or witnesses is hollow!



Frankly, I am no Charles Atlas fan.

Heaven is where I am aiming to be!

Aiming precludes your Salvation first

Of course, His face to see!



Heaven’s joys I look forward to!

Be there with Jesus eternally!

Beauty transcendent emulating the

Face of Jesus who died for me!



the Sam 01.29.14

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