Dying is not all that traumatic!

As this pilgrim older gets.

At 95 I do not have that long!

Aware my sun soon sets.



Deliberating still concentrating

I know where I want to go!

My home Heaven is waiting for me

And God is still in control!



Math has never been my specialty,

Numbers that do not fascinate

From here to Heaven, how long can it be?

My problem, I will know!  Can wait!



Could have died in W.W. II at age 19!

Squad led, down to four.

At least a dozen times or more!

Oh please, God! Por favor!



Mitch I remember a real know it all!

Had been in the squad, oh long!

Longer than this ole’ boy name, Sam,

But did he remember the song?



A difficult past I know for sure!

Defensive with just everyone.

Did God have mercy? Someday I will know!

A father’s only son.



He faced an enemy he could not see!

I shouted, “Mitch! Get down!”

Enemy bullets entered his forehead!

Did God’s love reach that clown?



Not a clown God’s love kinder than I!

Loving Father of all,

Do not remember his background one bit.

Did Mitch on Jesus call?



Did Mitch ever have a soulful thought?

How should I know? God knows!

God knows all! And He knows that boy!

Tenderly children grow!



At least I cared enough to holler

Then I started up to see!

Lieutenant stopped me, “Sam, come down!”

That order was one that saved me!



Many such orders saved this sad life!

Then for 30 some years I served

My Lord God in special Ministry,

Joys, I never deserved.



So how can I help but love Him?



the Sam 01.31.13

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