With my sins I crucified Him!

Shall I torture again?

A time ago I nailed Him there

And watched as He writhed in pain!



No! I did not enjoy that sight!

Knowing my sins put Him there!

“Wages of sin is death,” this I know!

Kept sinning without care.



Painful the death He claimed for all,

At least six hours hanging.

Spikes in hands and feet, we all saw

Wind moving the dangling!



Terrible too, how we tortured Him,

Of course, your sins and mine!

None ever suffered as He did there!

Christ! The sinless Divine!



Hypocrites only claim divinity,

‘No sin in me.’ they claim!

But, “All have sinned and come short,” (*)

Just One sinless, the name Jesus!



His death claimed your sins and mine!

Died for hypocrites, too.

Those who claim no sin in my life,

Have no better to do!



But sit in their self-magnified seats there

And write about other sinners.

Only ones who could not do the bad stuff

Priests, preachers, winners(?)



Then those who are saved by God’s Grace

Know what to turn from!

What must I do with the crucified?

Died for sins, every one!



Prayer for forgiveness would not hurt one bit

Forgiveness of sins! What else?

Then Jesus, He will teach how to really pray!

There is Jesus, only One Sinless!



A frock gown of self-righteousness

Just does not exist!

We sinners all! Must fall face down

To the One we resist!



I should be dangling on that cross!

Except for me He died!

Only One without sin ever!

Our King we crucified!



(*)  Romans 3:23



the Sam did 2014

“Shall I crucify My Savior again”

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