Then out of the conflict deep inside

Out of believing not!

I come to Jesus not to hide,

But to see what I have got–



Left of the faith I once had!

One easy to believe,

Not hard at all to see His face

Or mercy to receive!



It is coming back by faith I now see,

Joyous face smiling down!

Brimming over with peace and love

Not a trace of a frown!



“Faith is the substance of things hoped for

The evidence of things not seen,”

Felt or even anticipated

As in fatted calf or lean.



Faith is knowing that HE is with us

Deep inside! Not hiding!

Face beaming with glad happiness!

“Constantly abiding.”



He loves, do not believe Satanic lies!

Heart overflowing with joy!

Because He had you deep within!

What more can faith employ?



Depth of His love! Did He not die?

In your place on that beam

His dangling form there just swinging

Face contorted not seen—



In any painting you have seen around or

Have heard His pierced cry?

Or pain, anguish that Angels felt

As they watched Him die?



“How can this happen to our Prince?”

Or our God above permit?

Son here dealing such terrible pain

Does He just watch and sit?



NO! Every nail, with sound jarring,

Of the thudding below

God above felt it also,

Perfect oneness did show!



the Sam

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