Just a glance at the blue foreverness

Tells me that God lives on!

No beginning and will never end ever!

My faith established upon!



No signing signature needed there

The clouds are plain to see,

Like, more than a thousand feet out

But blue sky forever-ly!



But the depth of blue sky surely proving

No end!  Forever there!

As God is forever, “No beginning, no end.”

Nothing He cannot do!



He can despise and He can love!

Adam, Eve, Abraham, Samuel,

Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and the rest,

All lived out their span.



God’s love forever!  Conditioned never!

Tears in Heaven?  Does God weep?

Surely does!  We read, “Jesus wept,”

For the lost He died to keep!



He suffered loss on hideous cross!

Though it was to our gain!

We die also, but will live forever!

When Christ returns again!



The life that we live now in the flesh,

We live by the faith of God!

Who died that we could live again!

In Heavenly Kingdom above!



With all redeemed, Born Again.

One time I hated His justice,

But now I know truly right!

And if He had not died and what if?



Among the lost souls all, everyone,

Took our sins on a cross!

Assumed penalty, Crucified!

Then believing I am not lost!



SAVED!  Oh, yes!  To the uttermost!

Bound for Heaven country,

Or City of God, do not care which!

Sure both up there I will see!



Live in everlastingly!



The Sam invites! 02.2014

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