“In everything give thanks!”

Not just that — that is fair.

Fair can get frazzled out!

With nothing left there!



Fair can get monotonous!

Soon sunshine’s too hot!

Longing for some clouds to shade,

Then rain comes!  A whole lot!



Did I say rain?  Need it bad,

But mudslides we fear!

Homes that are on the hills remain

From mudslides will pay dear.



Just what to do, just how to pray.

Can you see God’s problem?

Should have built on solid ground.

Too late now to change them!



Rain will fall on everyone.

Bees, the birds with nests,

Men with money building high!

God figures what is best.



God’s love reaches down to all!

Really takes the static!

Keep the rain off the hills!

Spotted rain will not get it!



But this I know, the child of God

Has learned how to say:

“The Lord gives, The Lord takes!”

“Blessed…”  Still we pray!



Child of God knows one thing,

“My God will supply!”

All earthly needs piling up!

His riches cannot deny!



We pray for all!  High and low,

Poor and those with money.

“Things of earth grow strangely dim.”

I know it is not fully!



I am not laughing, I am praying!

Rains will come, I am sure!

We need all to raise our sights,

Pray that we will endure!



For what we have or have not,

Can we still be thankful?

The format lesson we need learn,

Continue be fruitful!






Sam Cox  11.26.08

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