Prerequisite to Heaven, you know,

Is “Holiness unto the Lord!”

Without Holiness no one, see,

Or ever will be in accord—



With Him!  His precepts, fellowship,

Apart from Him, can you see

Any hope of life Eternal?

An impossibility!



Without Him we are nothing at all!

Build a tower to the sky,

Build a bridge here to Hawaii,

Orbit the planets on high!



Still never find your way to God!

Sure, moon affects the tides,

Sun throws heat!  Can burn to a crisp!

But only one who abides.



Only that one will see Him that day!

Rockets, towers will not do it!

Reach Heaven by works alone

Or any way construe it!



Slave labor did the work of machines

To build lofty towers,

Centuries spent building pyramids,

Bit harder than picking flowers!



Labor cannot do it!  Work will not prevail!

Heaven unreachable!

Except to those who have found the answer

To being teachable!



“Holiness unto the Lord,” not how,

Quantity does not construe!

Either you are holy or you are not!

Either or not it is true!



Only one way to do it, you know,

Is not do it at all!

Only one Holy, the God we serve!

So abiding is the call!



Tremendous task!  Forget it son!

Just not attainable!

Just the Holiness of God avails!

“Abide in Him,” He is able!



Not up to us!  What we have stinks!

Look to the Only Holy One!

“Abide in Him,” then you will find

True Holiness my son!



Holiness is more than just wholeness, just truly abide in Him.



Sam Cox  12.03.08

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