A growing church is people who care!

So many congregations

I remembered as I gave God thanks!

During my devotions!



Well, of course, I take it seriously!

A friendly church is loving!

Just as they care of the other folk

Caring, freely giving!



Some I did not acknowledge as I

Cannot always see!

What is coming around the bend,

So I do not fall all over me!



Got to watch where you are going, you know!

A fundamental trick

That you will learn so you will reach 90!

Not hampered by walking stick!



I suppose it is amazing

As one card greeted me,

All my family mostly relatives

Gone, I am sure, heavenly.



“Beauty from ashes,” it has been said,

Do I misconstrue the saying?

True beauty lies way deep inside!

See it as one is praying!



Or do not see it just sense the prayer?

Of the one who is living near?

This friendly attitude comes from

The one who has learned to fear.



This fear, “The beginning of wisdom,”

Devotion, respect, love,

“Love the Lord with all your heart,”

That Holy Spirit, gentle dove.



Sure congregations appreciated!

But I will not tell the lie!

Nothing that this old codgers done,

He just will not let me die!



I have written some these past few years!

As poetry is my thing!

Since high school days, then off and on

Riches it sure does not bring!



Of course, sold some, made a few penny’s

Past times when in need!

Always with a Christian content,

Spreading the Gospel seed!



No need of money anymore.

My treasures all up there!

No rich no poor just pure fellowship

In that glory land so fair!



Then, “Did my Savior bleed?

And did my Savior die?

Would He devote that sacred Head,

For such a worm as I”



Sam Cox  12.03.08

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