I asked the Lord, again, “Why don’t you take me home?”

Answer: even clearer this time, “Work that you alone,

Assume you must continue awhile.

Write your poetry, distribute same and smile that happy smile!”

My toothless smile shows the happy, this I have admitted!

But age is showing more and more!  So I have committed

Myself to this nameless task

To in your pleasurable cadence bask! (*)

I will continue this, think writing thing,

Could be as near easy as hymns that I sing!

When memory lags, with Your help, I will do,

Whatever it may be You call me to!

The cadence of this poem changes, seems to me.

But however I write it, God will bless, I believe!

It is out of my hands now I can tell,

It is like something I would never be able to sell.

Marketing value of this thought long ago,

Nill!  But inspiring interest in God’s Word I will know,

There is value that is higher!

Than any price tag could conspire!

So the next step is clear, distribution time comes!

Some happy expectations like the sending of, like, drums,

What God has for me in this service now

I will gladly accept as I contritely bow!



(*) Rhythmic


Sam Cox  12.05.08

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