Just when the sin seems too great for Grace,

When I tremble fearful to see His face,

When denial, betrayal stare me down,

He lifts me then!  No trace of a frown!

Love greets prodigal with a smile!

Joyful forgiveness to last awhile!

Even until that Judgment Day!

I tearful, look down but hear Him say;

“Enter these gates, My joy I bestow!”

Tearful I stare at the gold below!

Unclean, not worthy!  I fall to see

Black nail scares, Yes!  He bore for me!

My sin!  My shame He took it all!

Look up, I see pity, love with all

Contaminate, where ever I went,

Savior I see!  The Heaven sent!

Reaching down I touch those ugly scars,

But lift them I see, the planets, the stars!

Creator of all!  Yet full of Grace!

It is all right there in His loving face!

But then I see that rough cross from afar!

Flattened, I shudder, a jolt!  Ajar!

This beautiful God!  Wonderful Friend!

Will really be with me always!  No End!


This ends, Sam Cox  01.05.09


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