Abide means sit awhile and visit!

May commune with God, you know!

A longing He has for fellowship with His

Crowning creation, man’s soul!



Made us in His very own image!

Same image Jesus assumed!

God became man!  Could have had silver,

He made it!  And gold, for the doomed.



Men have stolen and killed for riches!

Of course, our God realized!

Love of money the root of all evil!

Without it we would starve and die!



Spend more time with the Savior of men!

Dependable as you will see!

He never failed me even though I strayed!

Someone was praying for me!



When mother prayed an Angel came down!

Protecting Spirit God gave!

Through countless dangers protected me!

Like I considered my slave!



Bullets careened meant for my head!

How can I not believe?

Powerful!  From the spirit world,

Physical, cannot conceive.



How God answers a mother’s prayers?

Power, the spirit protects!

Deflecting enemy lead from me,

Whenever those prayers connect!



“Abide in Me!”  Him and mother did!

How can our God not bless?

Prayers of a mother for her son,

God’s power I must profess!



And love Him as, “He first loved me.”

He has drawn love from me!

How can I but love that Man,

Who first loved, yes, Calvary!



“Believe…”  Belief what is accomplished.

Believe on the Lord and be saved.

Belief and eventually acceptance

And triumph over the grave!



Sam Cox 01.08.09

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