Thieves unidentified beside God’s Only Son,

Pain no, agony endured by each one!

A tortured scream from one thief fills the air!

“…If you are truly The Christ, come down from there!”



“If you are The Son of God, save yourself and us!

What then are we but creatures of the dust?”

He echoed the soldiers and the mob below!

He helpless!  Dangling there!  No miracles to show!



His destiny from beginning was to seek and save.

So then as Savior, He was the sinner’s slave!

The sinless One there the sinners’ death!

“Father, forgive them…”  So near His dying breath!



Other thief one forced to steal to stay alive,

With waning breath to the other cried,

“We suffer here because of sinful deeds,

While this One for our sins His Father heeds!”



“Remember me…”  His slow whisper reaches ears

Tuned to catch the wordless thought of one who fears

Is sorrowful, repentant!  And sees the only One,

The Only One qualified As God, God’s Only Son!



Jesus hears!  He knows this broken heart!

Knew his earlier life, knew from the start!

Also, of the sins before he had committed!

Shameful deeds we all would wish omitted!



Deliver!  Help me!  Save!  The only cries He hears!

Night a time before wept over a city His tears

Could be for this city maybe for one He died!

Remember me when you come, the crucified!



This day in Paradise, with me, His whispered words.

A thief in Heaven now, Oh Yes!  He heard!

Can He say for us with closing eyes?

If so another thief up there surprise, surprise!



I once a thief 1.12.09

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