Hey buddy, days are numbered!  God knows all!

God will not take me even when I fall!

Broke some ribs once, just not my time,

But day of expiration on the line!



God knows!  I do not!  But what is to fret?

Jump in the drink, climb out all wet!

I am giving my body to be burned!

But soul has departed!  This I have learned!



Cannot burn Soul, indestructible!

Immortal, everlasting, indisputable!

It is true, the Soul lives on forever!

Perish?  Disintegrate?  Rot?  No, never!



Soul departed, hopefully paradise!

Long before body has turned to ice

Or ashes take up space never!

Glorified in Heaven!  Yes, forever!



Tender peas protected by pod.

Just how can one say, there is no God!”

Green, yellow, straight rows of corn I see!

Succulent, juicy not just for me!



Lovely impatience humbly it grows!

Smells like dirt but who cares?  It shows

Its lovely blossoms for all to see,

Kowtows to no one, not even me!



Think worm in cocoon, can it fly?

Not until it is a butterfly!

Where did the butter come from?

Do not know but know your bread needs some!



Tell me, what else comes from the sod?

Then tell me pilgrim there is no God!

Oh, did I mention Heavens above?

Endless apace when push comes to shove.



But it will not!  Room out there for all!

“City of God!”  I humbly call,

And I weep!  As I speak His name!

JESUS MY KING!  God ever the same!



Yesterday, today, forever!

God over all changes never!

When earth turns to butter in fervent heat,

Will not be here!  I will be down at His feet!



Sam Cox 01.13.09

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