Can man circumnavigate the earth with a glance?

See through the planets, the suns?  Not a chance!

God gave us night so we could see afar!

The planets, countless suns, and the stars!



Think, realize that what we see so minute!

That space is limitless, there can be no dispute!

Milky Way mere speck in the universe!

Day and night somewhere else, we rehearse!



Or realize or computerize the scope

Of God’s creation?  We can only hope

That we are not forgot!  This tiny speck

Occupied by folk in need of breath!



What God can see no man can ever begin

To comprehend!  Flesh and blood conceived in sin!

God sees in and through all that He made

The sun that shines on trees, oh yes, shade!



No shade in Heaven, God’s light shines through all there

Accustomed to this world of flesh there is naught to compare!

With no affinity to fear we see

No likeness or similarity!



No mundane crux or cruel cross to bear!

All brilliant SON-light can any compare?

Deliberate will not do any good!

Try concentrate, earthbound creatures should!



But earthbound not!   In Heaven cannot you see?

Everything is right, a new meaning to free!

Heaven-bound creatures learned through pain,

A place is awaiting true freedom is gained!



Here below extremities are designed to comply!

As though fore fully made to see eye to eye!

True freedom involves the right to adore!

God over all!  On that bright shining shore!



For no difference existing all together we will see

We will realize the true consanguinity! (*)

As brothers related to one and the same

To God through the crucified Jesus, His name!



(*) Got a dictionary?


Sam Cox 1.15.09

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