I love, I truly love Him,

Look what He has done for me,

Gave himself, one horrific death!

On mindless Calvary!



Can ever tongue or pen express

The torture, the pain…

Full knowledge!  Dying every day,

Before ever slain.



Of course, a carpenter!

Nails that were driven

Painfully through hands and feet!

Flesh tortured riven!



Every nail He drove through wood,

How could He help but think

Of His own flesh quivering!

His sanity, the brink!



He will try not to think, consider

Joyous home above!

Father Son relationship

Bathed in wondrous love!



Then many times we have suffered

The pain comes to mind

The moments borne comparative

But for just a short time!



Some pains that I have suffered,

In training, the jumps!

All seven parachuting

The landings, the bumps!



Then consider combat!

Hideous memories of war!

Of course, some shuddering thinking of

No joy in lead that tore!



Did Jesus then sense relief

After all was done?

Eternity considered through

Final victory won!



Torture!  All pain ended!

Now, can you not see?

From His death (tomb) risen!

Final victory!



Provisions made, price is paid!

Cannot we now accept?

His gracious invitation?

To Heaven?  Do not reject!



Eternal suffering ended!

From eternities dawn!

“Lord Jesus, you can breathe now.”

My future rests upon!



Sam Cox 01.15.09

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