Stars, the Heavenly bodies’ shining fair!

Did Eternal One have in mind;

Neptune, Jupiter, way out there?

And closer Mars well defined!



By some, no not me!  I have no ax to grind.

I just exist on smaller earth!

Few smaller some may find.



Fading out the moon may have been

A planet eons ago!

I make no claims, what does

This country boy know?



But developing interest, I admit, as

On a time I did think

Hell, would have to bigger, much!

With so many on the brink!



Hitlerites to name a few million

Seclusive unbelievers all!

Whoever hated God enough to,

With other maggots crawl!



Defining in part God haters!

And not just in heathen lands!

Many who crucified Jesus!

Pretending to understand!



Godly nations filled with ungodly people,

Heathendom well defined!

One considered; earthly people stink!

Nose in air, so refined!



Claiming much!  Believing so little

Knowing even less!

Considering all those inventions

My stupidity, sure I will confess!



Yet without knowledge of Deity

How can I be any better?

I know but do not tell that

Not doing the latter.



Go!  Preach the Gospel everywhere!

The Christ’s last command!

Are we stupid?  Just do not understand?



Disciples understood!  Even the doubting one,

To India, Mar Thomas still tell

Of Thomas, no longer doubting, showing

The way from blazing Hell!



The Sam 1-2014

A bright sunny day in in January


The way to the God we nailed to a cross,

Tender mercies denied!

Chose a path of painful death but saved

By the One crucified!

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