The war Christ waged was Spiritual!

Against Satanic hosts!

“Father, forgive these people!”

People He loved the most!



Thoughtless crowd, to be popular,

It was the thing to do!

“Crucify Him!”  Who?  What for?

The yelling.  Let’s join in, too!



Priests are against that man up there!

Religious Leaders they!

Priests are right!  Are not they always?

Must accept what they say.



Wrong!  The Priests hated this Man!

Inciting the gathered lot

Who thought this must be popular!

Of course, crowds can be bought!



The crowd adored Artemis,

Hercules, and Thor.

A trinity of lust!  What else?

They lusted, they adored!



Today is it not similar?

Sex, Hollywood love!

Lusting for bareness now!

Forgotten God above!



One time, ago, no time for lust,

Storming through those hills!

Leading patrol of twelve each day!

Not counting the kills!



Just do what is needed to stay alive,

While protecting each other.

Losing a man, we learn to observe,

Just like losing a brother!



Losing so many, no time for tears,

No time to think at all!

Rains, mud, the sweltering heat!

Think positive!  Sure, have a ball!



Did Apostle, Paul, speak a mouthful,

“Fight the good fight of Faith!”

To stay spiritual, alive and well,

It is a war in any condition or state.



Maintaining the aura of sainthood

Face it Saints what we are!

We are born again into sainthood!

Saintly army this is war!



There is a difference though with Jesus!

We are fighting for our Brothers!

The hearts, the lives of men and women,

Must we not care for others?



Sam Cox 01.24.09

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