Who am I?  God knows and cares!

When nothing but a seed

That tendered the womb of one

And generated greed!



Helplessly for nourishment

Then came the growing days,

For independence I subscribed

God knew my foolish ways!



Tendered still and guided on

Considering the plan,

Long-range that He had for me!

Once I became a man!



Wandering days once over with

Hitchhiking every which way!

From ‘sea to shining sea’ I hiked!

Wasting many a day!



Marine Corps. then a Soldiers life,

Then paratroops for me.

I was good, save for one goof!

Marine Corps., like, set me free!



‘Stage C’ sweating out the 5th jump!

Cannot forget Gauyon’s name!

Requested I push him out that door,

Hated to live in the shame.



Same of freezing in the door, last time,

Major gave, “One last chance

Not to freeze, again!”

Hated to live in that shame!



Of freezing in the door last time.

Major gave him one chance,

To prove himself, “Do not freeze again,

We will not repeat this dance!”



His thinking, “Sam fears nothing at all!”

So Guyone appealed to me,

“Get behind me for this last jump.

Push me out, if need be!”



The need did not exist at all!

Crowding each others backs,

He was out with me on top of him!

When night came we hit our sacks.



He did not know, thanked me for help but

Jump Master, in the plane,

Was behind pushing all of us,

Just accepted his thanks without shame!



His hero, I just went along!

Accepted his thanks that day!

Never heard from Guyone again!

Could not know how I prayed.



Since then twelve small Churches heard

The Word preached and sung!

Praise to the LORD who enabled us

To visualize life’s day done!



S. Cox 01.22.09

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