I am dreaming of a right Christmas,

Where worship is involved,

Where thanks to God prevails truly!

For every problem solved!



You heard me right, every problem!

How can this ever be?

Simple gift package from our Lord!

Now and truly Christmassy!



Right attitude must prevail!

Humble, worshipful souls!

Start out by not requesting things!

Well known from pole to pole!



Start out by thanking God for Jesus!

Is this not right?  Christmassy?

Born in a stable, thinking of the poor,

Just like Christ in humility!



Just like the Christ in Humility!

Riches of Grace we may all

Humbly requested and humbly received

To be shared by all!



On call?  Assuredly as giving thanks extends

Others feel thankful, too!

So many poor!  So many in need,

The thankful know what to do!



I say, I am Christian, you say, give me proof!

I go to church, I identify,

Believe on the Lord Christ, sure, I am saved!

Not to earn the right but try–



To continue in Christ, of course, I must try!

Staying does involve attempt!

Takes time!  I have wasted enough of that!

Or does that make one exempt?



I see communion with God as a must!

Jesus said, “Abide in Me, as I abide

In the Father!”  Certainly He did need!

As human He must, He must decide–



And He decided to go all the way!

To pray way without ceasing!  Involved!

All the way!  With the cross as final!

So the sin problem was solved!



In part, the rest is up to you and me!



the Sam 12-13

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