“How great thou art!  When I in awesome wonder,

Consider…”  Oh, give me a pen!

This I must write!  I must write! !  To tell the world!

The world of your greatness!  And then…



I must worship and laud your name!

They say but, You are never the same!

New morning glory!  Changing ever!

Predictable?  Oh no!  Never ever!



Oh my God, Creator!  Are You still

Creating?  Then if You will,

Create in me a brand new heart!

A heart of purest love!  And fill–



Fill it with Praise!  How can I not?

Glorify and, and praise,

Considering Your promises,

Praise You all my days!



A new morning, this one starting at two!  (2:00 a.m.)

I must arise and give praise,

My unpredictable, my unchanging Father God!

But predictable all your days.



Only in your love unchanging,

Often though, though to rearranging

Circumstances.  To develop

Your love unfolding to envelope.



Enclose and seal forever!  This child

Whose life will forever Praise!

Maker of worlds over and ever

Praise You all of my days!



Predictable?  No!  But yes!  In love for

God so loved the world,

That He gave His only begotten Son that whoever

Believing shall not perish.



His love unfurled, unequaled, and everlasting



Sam, just a grateful recipient

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