Since reborn, often after sliding back,

Like, that lost lamb Jesus found.

Sure, He held me to His bosom there

His love like non else around!



Compassionate and understanding!

Even while He knew deep inside

This ‘Son of Adam’ so long deserted!

Knew I would sin again and hide!



Knew long before that a cross was prepared

Just waiting to do Him in!

Did then his shuddering ever stop?

Knowing He would claim all my sin?



Then I would sin again acknowledging

The cross that He must bear!

Did I give no thought to invariables?

Guess I just did not care!



Hiding what from the ‘Man of Sorrows’?

He sees everything and knows!

Every sadness and all sins always!

That on man always grows!



Of course, it was His reason for dying,

Perfection had to die!

The Pharisaical imperfections

All showed!  He must die!



Sinning often!  This I acknowledge

And for forgiveness always came!

Never considered myself as perfect!

Only Jesus was His name!



Not much thought given to my sinning

And would He die again for me?

What I realized through all of this,

He died once sufficiently!



All sufficient, once for all time!

Do I then wear Judas’ shoes?

Then will not walk long in presumption

To end up with Judas’ dues!



Not much thought given to repetition!

Or would He die again for me?

What I concluded through it all

He died once true sufficiency!



I am truly happily satisfied!



the Sam 12-13

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