Like out of the blue, yet here in my room!

I heard it, “Good morning, Sam!”

Manly voice of cheer of gladness!

Still real words from a man!



Was not dreaming!  I awoke with a start!

Wondering, where am I?

That cheery voice!  Yet vibrant and clear!

Natural, like, someone near by!



Wintery outside, all my windows closed!

Voice came from within

My room, it seemed, was I startled?  Do not know!

Outdoors, no longer dim!



Early daylight, immediate thought, Praise God!

Yet with much cause to wonder!

Could this be the Lord?  I thought He spoke, like,

With the sound of thunder!



Surely not like this, words clear and cheery!

Just like someone passing by.

“Good morning, Sam!”  Clear as a bell!

I awakened wide-eyed!



Really knew better but questioned my wife,

Drew a big negative!

I know what I heard and it was just for me,

He knows it is for Him I live!



He knows though a sinner I come to Him!

Sure, He died for us sinners, you know.

I am a sinner but saved by Grace!

My aim now, His love to show!



Through word of mouth or poor poetry,

Just cannot put Him on some shelf!

He died the sinner’s death for us all!

For you He gave Himself!



And me!  Sam Cox

2,000 years before this date 02.04.09

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