The worser I get, the better I know

Jesus is with me wherever I go!

Guiding my footsteps so I will not fall!

I whisper, “Help me!”  He hears my call.



I used to pray long prayers for self!

Glorified, sanctified, high on the shelf,

Of self-esteem.  What a mess?

God sees the heart, pride, I confess!



The stammering prayer of the humble heart

He hears!  Understands and will not depart,

Until blessing bestows, satisfies complete

In Jesus abiding there is just no defeat!



Walk a bit slower now on that paved way!

Go to those fine doors greeting to say!

Stagger a bit most think I am just old,

Getting there fast relief from the cold!



As I stagger along very little leg left

Will not use a cane though of balance bereft.

So I sway, hang on to whatever is there,

Church pew, a table, most often a chair.



Worm becomes butterfly, frog a tadpole once,

God made Preacher, poet, out of this dunce,

But He gave me the very best gift of all!

Died for my sins, lifts me when I fall!



Had money once, but what can I say,

Since Jesus blessed I just give it away!

No, I am not perfect!  I do want to be!

He knows my heart that is enough for me!



Old age confirms what I always knew!

What Jesus promises He will do!

Heaven is waiting, He will take me there!

His presence perfects beyond compare!



Sam Cox 01.05.09

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