New Year upending

Old year is done!

Tall guy in diapers

Where did he come from?

Representing the future!


Contending a change


New Year is here!  What!

Just a blank page?

New years are old!

Riddled with age!

Resolutions replete

With impossible aims!

Do not burn folks no more

One positive gain!

“Millennium is now,” a Bishop declared,

Wide grin, like, a sneer!

Now?  Here?  Where?

Of course he did, so long ago.

Religious leaders

Had nothing to show!

Could be a change

Is in the offering

Of course, there is no point

To keep on scoffing!

When Jesus comes, know,

Know we will know that day!

All things brand new!

The old passed away!



Wow!  What a day!



Sam Cox, New Year Day  2009

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