Family!  How declare:  Great-grand kids

Scampering everywhere!

The park all ours amid stately trees!

Kids all over, not a care!



The park, very old with trees stately grand,

Truly grand does epitomize

Significantly, the beauty, the breadth,

Advanced age and the size.



Towering, surely, majestically,

Older than I am.  Then think

Like an insect in comparison.

Heighth, breadth, did I shrink?



No!  God made me this way, can appreciate

But surely that tree declares,

A majesty quite beyond human thought.

Or at least hard for us to share.



Truly only God could make that tree!

Of course not hard to figure why!

Birds make nests and kids love to climb!

A home!  Kids enjoyment try–



To figure, not impossible!

Try hard enough you will see,

Love!  Sure, that is why He did it,

Just for you and for me!



Just WHO do you think?


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