Holiness to the Lord involves a truly submissive spirit!

A follower is set apart, one aim only!  Do not dismiss it!

“Be ye therefore Holy since our God, with us, is Holy!”

No one can measure up to God’s perfection, Deity!!



A man after God’s own heart!  We know despite some horrible stains,

Unforgivable our thought, who believe we have higher aims.

But man’s heart is deceitful and desperately wicked until

Touched by The Spirit!  Turned about and ready to be filled–



By and with Him.  Dispelling doubts as to who rules this heart.

God over all controlling, Leader, guiding from the start!

Consider now David’s sin involving a soldier’s life!

Bathsheba excused, unaware of any tragic strife!



David, in his proud kingship, thought unanswerable to any!

Thinking, ‘I can do anything!’  Make dollars out of this penny.

Had Uriah put up to the front where he was sure to be killed!

Make the way to marry his love, his secret fulfilled!



But Prophet’s subtle pronouncement tripped up the Monarch King!

With inevitable realization, “I am not above everything!”

A long period of Godly sorrow portrayed in any Psalms.

Until a holier kind emerged, sensitivity conforms.



What is holy about a chastised king?  What but humility!

For “Godly sorrow works repentance,” for everyone to see!

Not everyone!  For some cannot forget wrong deeds you have done!

Judas could have repented, could have been accepted as God’s son!



Does God have countless Angels who have nothing to do?

What bout the endless tasks that they are appointed to?

What about protection from dangers, some you cannot see?

Recognize their ceaseless tasks!  Sheer ability!



Recognize the conflict for your soul is going on.

Insidious the torment!  But comfort, rest upon!



Sam Cox 02.04.09

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