I look up into that very blue

Sky capturing forever!

Ocean depths and the endlessness,

Cannot reach beginning ever.



Sky, blue waters, up to 5 miles in depth

And Mount Everest ascending,

Nearly impossible to climb!

Thin air contending!



Then, of course, gravitationally

Ones lightness to consider!

Climb, is a climb, is a climb the breath

Needing aid to deliver.



There help is needed, more oxygen!

Breathing tubes and canned air,

While air supply lasts climber is safe

But I would not want to be there!



God contending suggesting caution,

I did a climb at one time.

Near perpendicular ascent!

Descending, life worth a dime?



Still alive at 95, I am now,

Much nearer Heaven!

And by God’s Grace expecting to  b e

With loved ones proceeding.



Then, of course, in came World War II

As Scout I was leading!

The pace I set was nearly a run!

Especially in a clearing.



Family now are all up there!

Sure, I outlived them all!

Recalcitrant to be boastful though!

I surely do not want to fall!



This close to Heaven’s matchless bliss!

But not probable,

That I should leave Jesus on that cross,

Truly improbable!



Since Born Again sliding back often

That lost lamb He found,

Since He held me to His Heart there

His love like nothing else around!



the Sam 11-13

One thought on “THAT DEEPEST BLUE

  1. tv online says:

    Chiar bun. Cea ce am rasfoit pe saitul dvs. despre THAT DEEPEST BLUE | Poems from His heart m-a surprins placut. Te felicit pentru dezvoltarea, care e un site care merita citita.

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