Memory a slow process,

Association complete,

Especially to an oldster

Of a sudden to defeat.



Most every previous thought wave

Obliterating same!

Remembered!  How could I forget?

That thing, that place, that name?



Al!  Our close association

Through six whole combat months.

2nd squad hit that crummy trail,

Sure, we took our lumps!



But Al, how could I have forgot?

Like, a military thing?

Forget all unpleasantries

That combat will bring!



First Scouts are expendable!

2nd, well, I soon took lead!

Al, Corporal, our squad leader!

Promoted, “Sam, you take lead!”



Soon just gave up questioning

When Al said, “Hit the trail!”

Learning that Jap beaten path,

How could I ever fail?



Of course, Al would not know up or down

Excepting a Corporal was he,

Two stripes!  I had only one

A lowly P.F.C.



Since First Scouts first took the hit

Most squad leaders lived on.

We, squad of twelve, left with just four!

Which one we depend upon.

No need for 2nd Scouts no more!

So long as I existed!

Remembering one time a heart to heart

In which squad leader persisted–



With questions, until I admitted

To Christian!  A believer!

Long talk, My Heavenly Hope that

I would live forever!



We left it there but from that time

He felt that I had garnered

A protective shield from above,

Protected as like armored!



But better still he trusted that

When I took dumb chances,

Not so dumb but as one

Whom God enhances!



Did seem dumb, that grenade I waved

Plain view of enemy cave,

But turned out right in the end

As they dug their own grave!



An Act Of God at times preformed,

At time unwittingly.

May seem dumb to human mind until

The simple truth they see!



Sam Cox 12.14.08

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