Is it wishful thinking?

No!  Been there, done that!

Then is it blessed assurance?

Yes, for sure!  Contact!



My thoughts turn to Jesus!

Heart turns a page!

Suddenly I am tearful!

No!  Not from old age!



My heart is filled with longing!

I consider the cross!

With tears flowing freely!

My freedom!  His loss!



Surely, I am aging!

Quite admittedly!

But not at the cost of

My sanity!



With His mother I see Him

Writhing in pain!

Head, hands, feet, His side,

Blood flowing again!



Then I hear that piercing scream!

Father God, why ME?

My Father, what have I done?

We know this must be!



Son!  My precious wounded Son!

That rolling thunderous sound!

Soon Our victory will be won!

Thunder enters the ground!



A sigh from that torturous cross,

“Now into Your Hands

I commend my poor Spirit,

Obeyed Your commands!”



Sheer blackness obliterates

All sight consumed!

Priests fall into each other!

All terror presumes!



Earth’s foundations then shaking!

As never before or since!

God’s wrath clearly showing

For Heaven’s Prince!



A thief cries out, “Remember me…”

Compassion hear Him say,

With dying breath, “Yes, I hear,”

He whispers:  “This day…”



Sam Cox 12.16.08

One thought on “IN PARADISE

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