A brand new life Christ has given us!

Born again!  Left the old,

Go astray a time but then soon return!

Remembering life of pure gold!



Of course, Satan enters always tempting,

“Remember fun you once had,

Such great fun doing what is natural?

Just who is to say it is bad?”



Heart within you pure conscious tells!

Unless that conscience is scared!

Life as with a hot iron, turned about,

Delivering what once was received!



Hating the old life as Jesus has commanded

Despicable the life as recalled!

To never return as dogs to their vomit,

New life with Christ resolved!



The new life in Christ, difference so clear,

But naturally since Satan’s contempt!

That we could disdain Hell’s fervent fire,

Making void further attempts!



Now, I am not alone, Jesus is with me!

In temptations see’s me through!

With His blessings I am safe forever!

As I just follow through!



Heaven waits for the yielded vessel

No complaints with Jesus near!

Take me, use me, I truly trust You!

In Him I have nothing to fear!



And with Heaven at last and at Jesus’ feet,

He who died on that tree,

Cruel death!  Just nails holding there

Painful!  Beyond compare!



For you and for me, yes, He died for everyone!

Take Him at His word!

Very best music your heart will hear then

Better than ever heard!



Truer also for He cannot fail!

What He says He will surely do!

Give you joy in this life here, now,

Then take you to Heaven, too!



the Sam 11.20.13

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