Jesus, God, did you have to go

To Calvary to die,

“My God, My GOD!  You have forsaken Me!”

And did He not thus cry?



Broken in spirit, forsaken by all!

By heaven forsaken besides!

“Why hast thou?”  Your silence contends

Does no one hear My cries?



Yes, my mother and one disciple

With Mary of Magdala,

Those tender tears and broken hearts.

Other disciples?  Far?



Yes, off to Galilee, a fishing,

And have you caught anything?

This pain!  Excruciating the pain!

So try the other side–



Of the boat, oh certain.  Where they are

Oh, the pain!  Why, oh why

Father God, must I contend?

This cross alone?  My cry!



My human cry!  Can not you hear it?

Has all caring departed?

Your silence, does it forecast displeasure?

Please, where have we parted?



Forgive!  Did we share tender moments?

I grieved for Judas, you know.

Son of perdition, did he have to be?

But suicide?  Oh, why so?



Soul, now in that terrible place,

Torture!  Why must this be?

My children, am I Your child, still?

But bit of humanity!



Pain!  Now, I thirst, all dried out!

Harder to take breath!

Oh, may I now “Give up the ghost”?

I am longing for death!





Now His words, a time:

“I go to prepare a place.”

Sure, we truly follow You now!

We are drawn there by your Grace!



The Sam’l  10.20.11

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