Death surely not the end of my life!

Sure, a radical change is involved!

But the flesh alone deteriorates,

While the Spirit, Soul, revolves.



Continues, dig this, forevermore!

“Soul-sleep”?  Not  even close!

Future life is in the Spirit, Soul,

Die and you get a dose of the

Reality of living forevermore!

This is not inter-collegiate, no score.



All that I know is what Scripture tells,

Sure, it is the valid source!

The poor man died then had everything!

Knew Abraham, knew the Lord, of course!



But the rich guy, what a miserable wretch!

Sure, once had everything,

Except for that, yes, what really counted!

Where angels ever sing!



Now experienced sweating in the abyss!

“Please, oh please, a drop of water.”

But “That great gulf fixed”.  Could not be reached!

Terrible place of torture!



No!  Physical death!  No way the cessation

Of life!  Sure, we continue

Spirit, the real life surprised to be

Testing a brand new venue!



the Sam  10.3.10

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