To appease the anger of God,

Attempt to mollify.

One utter impossibility!

Forget it!  Do not even try!



“Pride of life.”  I am rich, he is poor,

Have money to give, not he!

Proud?  Of course!  I worked hard for this.

Get all that is coming to me!



Do not have to have wealth to show pride!

Just a bit of modicum.

Enough to produce that higher look,

And sorry when day is done!



We know “Pride goes before a fall,”

“Humble shall be exalted”.

Ever tasted unsavory eggs?

As before they are salted?



I write this now, sure saddened to know,

Love will not stretch beyond.

I want it  to, God  h e l p  me to

Spread charitable seed around!



Now, that I cannot get around much,

Legs and back to blame.

Agonize, saddened by this lack!

Like, past gone!  My shame!



God, look upon this atrophy,

Life near wasted away!

Forgiveness needed my idle past,

Forgive!  Naught left to say!



Sure, He forgives!  But not to assume,

Forgiveness not cheap!

Died one horrific death to

Lack of mine so very deep!



God forgive me!  How many the lost,

Never to find their way.

To the fold due to my lack!

I plead, humbly pray.



the Sam  10.06.11


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