This dream so completely perfect,

Cannot remember at all,

Except for such a feeling of

Happiness, joy over all!



Contentment, at least ability to,

At  least conquer the world!

But no desire to do such a thing!

Just contended, all be told!



But why cannot I remember a thing,

Such joy surely should merit

A touch of the memory of

Just enough to share it.



Only one thing I can recall, I am

Standing off in a corner,

A classroom big smile on my face!

Just like, Little Jack Horner, in the corner,

Devouring curds and whey, when

Along came a spider.  But what are

Curds and whey?



Beside the point, the point contentment,

Over a class  joyous, too.

Source of the happiness unknown!

Despair try thinking it through.



But such joy, teaching a class,

Only one thought I can see

Got to be heaven, class of joy!

Where else could it be?



Such joy!  Indescribable!  That class bubbling

Happiness!  Joy!  What more?

A feeling, like, way beyond joy!

Got to be heaven’s shore!



Did I not say, bubbling?  Like, super-sensitivity!

Difference impossible, like, describe

For in heaven way beyond normalcy!

Glorified really alive!



This life, the past will seem like a dream

Unreal!   All ‘That once was!’

Figment, like, a dream we once had!

Fading as the dream does!



(Like it or not)  the Sam  09.30.11

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