Pew warmers now aplenty,

Like 6-thousand or more!

Of course, we sit to listen!

As disciples long before.



12 disciples for 3 years taught

Sitting at Jesus’ feet!

Did they just sit, try to forget?

Did they then retreat?



No!  Jesus commanded, “Tarry ye…”

Wait (1) expectantly

Until the Holy Spirit appears to

Baptize spiritfully!



A “Mighty rushing wind,” they felt,

They heard, and everyone (2)

In some 12 different languages

The Gospel in their own tongues. (3)



The “Greater things,” consider this (4)

First the many tongues…

Every tongue for many ears!

The Gospel for everyone!



The many churches truth is preached,

The Message pastors bring.

And worshippers lift voices high

In praise songs they sing!



Now in every tongue truth is heard

In every land we know!

Can we then now anticipate

God’s Son coming to show–



In readiness awaiting that

Heavenly “Trumpet sound,”

“The dead, in Christ, will rise,”

Then we Heaven bound!



Consider now, is God confused?

I think only we,

The Saints of God in wonderment,

Someday soon we will be–



Enlightened!  All confusion past!

Anticipate that day!

Working for the Kingdom first!

God’s Kingdom!  The only way!



But pray much, looking to the cross!

Where Jesus gave His life!

One look, His look of love, will

Eliminate all strife!



This day in Paradise, thief heard!

Accepted joyfully!

Can hear the same, just look to Him!

In pure humility!



(1) Luke 24:49

(2) Joel 2:28

(3) Acts 2:9-11

(4) John 14:12



Sam Cox  02.06.09

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