Transcendent how else describe

What it was that came over me?

This feeling supernatural!

Just Jesus there I see!



The trill so overpowering!

Difficult to compare

Impossible, in fact, there is just

Nothing like it there!



Anytime, anywhere, past, or present,

Or future except,

As conforming to the future bliss

As consummate!  Perfect!



The person, Jesus, above all things,

All unimaginable!

Things; Prophets, Kings, Priests devoid of

Virtue or undiscernible.



Material, so wordless, so impossible

Yes, condensing from above,

God became man!  And subject to death!

He died!  And we called it love!



Figure approaching, walking on water!

What we drink he is walking on it!

Like a spirit but can be seen!

Disciples, of course, are fit–



Fit to be petrified!  How can this be?

Boat full of fish!  Nearly sinks!

Shocked, of course!  Now look at Peter!

Walks on water, then sinks!



The Christ reaches out!  Does Peter

Become a spirit like Jesus, too?

Miracles, with Jesus about,

And what more does Jesus do?



Takes us up!  Way beyond any planet

Or star to where?  Suppose?

A place!  Sure, heavenly in heaven!

Delightful!  I propose!



Figure immergence, hand reaching down

To lift this surly scamp up!

Sam, by name!  To the heavenlies where

Many more saints will sup!



On heavenly, like, soup!



the Sam loves soup!10-13

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