Do my words make any sense?

Do not know but I do know this,

God’s Word, if followed,

Means forever bliss!



My God shall supply all your needs!

Kept His promise, He did and does!

“According to His riches and Glory…” above

Does not fail!  Does what He must!



Then to protect and keep special promise,

At 95 I am still here and

That means through combat in World War II!

That as First Scout, no need to fear!



Took some chances through enemy fire,

Challenged!  Stood out in plain view

So many times!  Protection complete!

God did what He promised to do!



I claimed His promise as forewarned!

By faith I dared those shots!

Seemed crazy to some, some stunts I pulled!

But according to promises, NOT!



And mothers praying away way back then!

By herself claiming promises,

Her faith showed not at all surprised!

As she was expecting this!



King of Glory, it is His delight

To prove Himself true!

To help you out miraculously!

What He promised to do!



Protection through the shadows of death! (Psalm 23)

And does God keep His Word?

I have never once heard negatively!

His promises do undergird!



As you trust Him with all your heart!

Yield not to your own whim,

Fear truly weakens in believing not!

Know you can truly trust Him!



In battles with real enemies

God’s promise is to deliver!

Many the dangers I have found deliverance!

To live in heaven forever!



Our earth, places so beautiful,

How much better must Heaven be?



the Sam will be going! 10.13

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