Nothing satisfies, only Jesus!

Nothing works only God!

The God Man, Jesus, stands before me.

He only is adored!



Worshiped.   What adoration means.

Loved, of course, that higher plain,

He is greater, I the created.

These can never be the same!



We will be like Him.  See Him as He is!

Suppose, like, God in Spirit

And, like, Jesus’ glorified body,

Appearing at will.  Will  see it!



But to be like Him sure,

Not understood.

I was created by Him, my Maker,

Of course, that is good!



Sure, He made me, like, Himself!

Image of God!  Me.

I think, plan, and I create and

I like what I see!



One huge difference, I cannot create

Something from nothing.  No way!

Another difference, He always was!

Pre-existent.  No delay!



Difference why try counting the ways?

With Him, “Nothing is impossible!”

Sure, we are not limitless,

Very much improbable!



Create?  No!  We only assemble,

What’s already created!

Put together, but who made it all?

Sure, only God created!



But so nonplused by who made it all,

We answer, it just happened!

Ridiculous!  No answer deserved!

Brain!  The soul forever!



“Just happened!”  Things we see and do not,

Limitless.   The stars above.

Space!  The suns goes on forever!

So does my Father’s love!



Sam, the man   09.28.11

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