“Fear nothing and no one,”  man once said.

No, not too long ago, now he is dead!

Hell his home now with many others.

Contemplating Sisters and Brothers!



But enemies there, sure, hating all!

For Satan taught hate since the fall!

Hate one another just no place for love!

Love only for those sissies above!



God’s love purposely misunderstood,

“Just for those holier goody-good,

But I am a man, ride the range all day,

And when I play I know how to play!”



Cut the corners!  Free love the night long.

Dazzle with footlights and one more song!

Sing it again, Sam!  Sure, that wild one.

Filled with loving and mucho fun!



No!  These are the songs I love, Hymns of praise,

Praise my Redeemer all of my days!

Lofting my heart to His perfect love!

With other glad voices, praise above!



Above and within just how can I not?

Praise adoring with Heaven-bought!

Bought with a price blood He shed,

Nailed to that cross, suffered until dead!



Dead with the dying, but we did not stay,

In that damp tomb resurrection day!

Hallelujah!!!  He lives and not just above,

Lives in my heart with perfect love!



Life I now live in the flesh I give,

Back to My Savior, with Him to live.

Such love all former loves dispelling,

In the light of love so compelling!



the SAM (who)  09.22.11

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