Where is this City called Heaven?

Explain this City of God!

First place I do not think He has to!

Explain anything that is above!



What He has made will surprise us!

Nothing we assemble comes near!

The noise and strife of large cities

But up there, who knows, just cheer!



Some folk like the excitement,

The rush, the roar and the rage.

They will miss all that noise in Heaven!

If they get there!  Next page!



But look up!  Here comes an Angel!

He is here, no wings, speed of Grace.

They are everywhere!  They are not noisy!

So happy!  Smile on his face!



Hey, look now!  More now are coming!

Were not!  But suddenly here!

Delirious with joy they are to see us!

Nor do they mind coming near!



Bad breath?  Oh, no!  Not in Heaven!

Rotting bodies?  No more!

Clad in the bodies, Spirit, God, man!

Made for that heavenly shore!



Angels wish to show us their country!

The blessed City of God!

Sorrow, sin burdens all absent!

Nothing to pity above!



If you feel you need something to pity,

The sun, do not need it up there!

The light, though brilliant, not hurting!

Comes from a Presence so fair!



So fair remember a shambles

Of sweating the heat below!

Not to mention the glare, no sunglasses!

Here bright everywhere, no glow!



So what are we missing?  Everything!

What have we left behind?

Nothing of everlasting value!

All that of sin denied!



All ecstatic!  No frowns anywhere,

Just how to explain such joy?

What to explain?  Sadness nowhere!

When we in God’s presence employ!



No sadness, no sickness, no death!  So grim!

Well, what did you think you would find?

There is nothing imperfect, find freedom from sin!

All good things God designed!



How do I know all this?  It is in the Book, “I go to prepare a place for you…” and “In my Father’s house…many dwelling places…that where I am there you may be also.”  Is not that enough?



Sam Cox, enough for me!  02.11.09

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