God created, made something from nothing!

He made everything that I see!

And everything I cannot see, forever!

He made it for you and me!



Only God creates something from nothing!

Suns, earths, space without end!

His world out there and world within!

As Spirit He can contend!



Man just assembles what has been created!

Create?  No, not at all!

It is true, “We are made fearfully

And wonderfully!”  God’s call!



A pile of mud!  He breathed and spoke

And man then became behold

Not just an intricate fabulous thing,

But an everlasting Soul!



“In the image of God!”  So hard to conceive!

God’s image, JESUS on earth!

Born of a virgin, God’s own likeness!

Of lowly humble birth!



Fearfully extravagantly made!

An impossible intricate Soul!

“In the image of God,” not improbable

Like hearing, speak in control.



We are image only!  Cannot boast at all!

Remember just God created!

We are but like Him, we are not Creator

We are only the fates.



But we control all the other fates,

It is either Heaven or Hell!

Can you not see our fate is to be

Heaven?  Where all is well! (*)



All because He became sin for us!

Crucified was vilified!

Went through Hell so that we might live!

Forever above by His side!



It was His fate from the beginning of time,

No beginning always was!

Not to examine or figure out!

Eternal just because…



What is to figure?  Accept your fate!

Believe!  As a credulous child!

“Except you become as this little one…”

Will not join the undefiled!



(*) How could anything be better?



Sam Cox  02.17.09

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