Walking in the footsteps of the Savior, The Divine,

Disciples goal, Our Father’s supreme design!

To make our fellowship with Him our prime time!

THE Divine Design!



Do we see a promise of perfection in His claim?

Anticipating wealth, intelligence, or fame?

Importance?  Irreverent!  We cannot lay claim

To God’s Divine Design!



Contributing to His design can we see any good?

Of course!  Cannot be otherwise!  It is as it should!

Follow His perspective or in that neighborhood!

Of God’s perfect Design!



No, not so goody good as in Pharisaical!

Good without God’s goodness is hypocritical!

These good present themselves and of themselves as full!

Not God’s perfect Design!



The perfect ONE is Jesus.  He alone and in every way!

Can teach perfection as we follow abiding each day!

Can lead us when we ask Him, “Please teach us to pray!”

In YOUR Divine Design!



The future with its promises forever in His care!

Forever in His presence, this one path I would share!

With those who ask reason; His love beyond compare,

Myself in God’s Design!



Perfection does not make a Christian, just forgiveness does!

That is what happened on the cross when Christ died for us!

By his death we are forgiven, with His stripes healed us!

Continuing His Design!



Perfection we may strive for with our eyes on the goal!

Not attained completely until in His control,

Depending on forgiveness while the ages roll.

That is God’s DIVINE DESIGN!



Sam Cox  02.18.09

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