Though a sinner God watched over me!

Protected my hide!

Bullets well aimed seemed deflected,

Angel by my side!



I knew I was zeroed in!

A huge uprooted tree!

In this deep hole left there,

He could not see me!



Machinegun out there, of course!

Somewhere in those weeds!

I cannot stay here forever!

My squad hidden in the trees!



Squad waits but time to move out!

Al hollers, “Sam,” two times,

Time to consider fearfully,

And remember my crimes!



Of course, I would not answer!

Did not like them odds!

Enemy with machinegun spitting,

Praying to his gods!



Help me get him!  Please protect me!

Like other times we would see

Just whose God was the real one!

I prayed confidently!



Squad waited, time to move out!

Al hollered, “Sam,” two times!

No chances of getting out!

Like two thin dimes!



Gathered all the strength I could muster!

A leap surprised even me!

Even so bullet left imprint

Inside boot below my knee!



Aim real good!  Angel deflected!

Always the head they aimed!

Many the shots were aimed my way!

Whatever the reason, retained!



For what reason?  How should I know?

Pastored, one sloppy job!

Did much fishing, many pools!

I was one slovenly slob!



Forgiving, my parishioners were!

And God has forgiven me!

Blessing some as the years fly by!

With God-given poetry!



David’s Psalms magnified poetry,

Like, among the very best!

Compared to my rhyming verse,

Just ain’t no contest!



Sam Cox  02.20.09

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