Whole platoon was dug in deep

With no spot left for me!

Except this root above the trail

Against this old oak tree!



Below was an opening

Between dense brush and trees!

Path, I would be a sitting duck,

Of course prayed, “God help me, Please!”



Our artillery, one-50’s came,

Like, flip-flapping above! (*)

To crash into the underbrush!

The caves, one sound I loved!



Pinpointed they had mastered well

Art of zeroing in!

Blasts came think and heavy,

With the sound right deafening!



I felt hot on my leg!

Flipped but would not move!

Shell fragment size of my curved hand!

Like, forming a groove!



Showed it then to squad leader

He whistled, it fell free!

Had to bounce of something then

I looked up to that tree!



Al’s rifle was like leaning there

Fixed-bayonet just leaned,

Just inches above my head the

Bone handle cracked, it seemed!



I showed it again to buddy Al

He just whistled, “Oh well!”

“Yeah,” I said, “This is getting old!

May just send some to Hell!”



I found thin wire and then went

Downhill to the trail!

Stared left where the bombs had dropped,

This scheme had better prevail!



I felt eyes watching, quite obvious!

I faced them with the grenade.

Hoping they were watching

While I fixed it, no shade!



Carefully I straightened the pin,

Then once wired in place,

I glared down that hill and went back up,

Thankful I still had a face!



Darkness came fast, I heard my friend snore.

Then something else on that trail,

Enemy after that hand grenade, fixed other,

Flipped handle and let it sail!



Sparks flying from grenade, woke Al,

“Get rid…!”  He stammered, “I did!”

Sailed through a spot of light above

Double explosion the bid!



Another sound indistinctly came from

The wounded foe!

Then real yelling from the cave down there

It was all I needed to know!



(*) Sound they made overhead.



Sam Cox  02.24.09

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