When I cannot read anymore, eyes dim out, go blind,

As I anticipate dim or dark world,

Sure, a few others come to mind.



Like, the vagabond holding out pencils for sale,

Just sitting there  patiently holding his wares.

Face showing hunger sallow, pale!



Contemplate such as though it were destined to be!

Come on now personalize,  I am in my near 93!

Just why cannot it happen to me?



Would you now look at Isaiah 49:10?

Read it now!  Sure, there are so  many, many more!

“Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not…”  Then–



Suffer want!  Come on now, “Shall not suffer want.”

Food, drink, or anything needed.  He, God, will supply!

As we are needing, come to the Fount!



Coming with Faith!  Trust.  Believing His Word!

Never, never did the Lord let one die!

Who trusted believing, heard.



Accepted, considering not, not a single doubt!

The millions who have done so, shout  the word,

Jesus will never turn you out!




Sam said it, he knows.  Experienced!

The experienced one!

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