I squander light, can man begin to know

When darkness falls, which way to go?

Or where lives darkness?  Where do shadows dwell?

Not at sea!  Where Orion and Pleiades tell–



The ships at sea at night

Which way to go! (1)

Without these stars to guide they

Would wander to and fro!



But piloting, guiding

Those ships at sea,

Those stars at night can tell

Which way the lay or lea…



The way to go!  The dark of sin,

Sin shows no light!

No sun shines by day

No stars by night!



Sin the natural way

Aimlessness decrees

Cannot keep their eyes on Heaven

While sailing pitiless seas!



Who made the Pleiades

Cast in the heavens about?

The endlessness of spatialness

Now hear Him shout!



“Have you entered the springs, (2)

The springs of the sea?

Have the gates of death been opened,

Been opened?  Perceive!”



“Perceive the breadth of earth!

Declare, if you know!

Where is the way that light dwells?

Or treasures of the snow?” (3)



“Declare now, if you know.”

Or admit you know not!

I admit much too much for me!

I am but a blot!



A blot on the page of knowledge!

Only God knows all!

Why not read and study scripture?

On this we rise, not fall!



(1)  Amos 5:8

(2)  Job 38:16-22

(3)  Job 38:22



Sam Cox 02.16.09

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