Remember the delight of children?

I recall being away

Then returning after a week,

Just nothing left to say.



Exuberance may convey the feeling,

Shear joy of father’s return.

Squeals of delight same contingency

But why?  The what discern.



Well, being gone now, he’s back to explain,

Is not necessary!

Father’s return means showers of love!

Gifts?  Mere contingency!



Not required, His love is enough!

Been gone!  Now he is back!

So simple!  So what is the explanation?

Joy shared, of which no lack!



Comparing natural to Father above,

The Father of us all.

Do we delight in His returning?

Or is death the instant call?



It was not too clear in distant past, but now,

Sure, now at expectant age,

It is almost as though I just cannot wait.

Cannot wait to turn the page!



But wait I must!  Still work to be done!

Thoughts are still, like, containing,

To be expressed, thoughts of Heaven still

Longing, preparing, engaging!



Sambo 07.26.11

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