Do I dare?  Indeed I do!

I dare to do anything that

Anyone would dare to do,

Preach, pray, sing!



And work!  Fingers to the bone!

At one time anyhow!

Dug a well once long ago!

Pure water came, I vow!



Others were agreeable!

Attesting I make bold!

It is satisfying purity!

Clean and pure and cold!



So cold, no ice was needed!

Refreshing on the hottest day!

Many others drinking it

Were never loath to say–



God blessed it and my efforts!

Proof consistently

That God, the Father, honored with

A miracle for me!



Across the road, Uncle John’s,

A well drilled way, way down!

Water plenty for the cattle and folk,

But to taste brought a frown!



Slightly salty and not cold!

So what, can we suppose?

A milk can full from my well,

So happy to dispose!



Seventy-five years later what

Is left?  Cannot quite say!

House, chicken coop, the well, defunct!

All seen a better day!



Do not know about the outhouse!

A good ways from the well!

Way, way back in the dark ages!

But how then can one tell?



Dried out, bleak!  Today main road

Either side farms, do not know,

Living things, cattle, back then

Does anything now grow?



Plow, harrow, disk, work the ground!

Kind to the stock!  They work, too!

Muscles straining, feed them well!

What is left now to do?



Anything?  Did it even exist?

Land grown up with weeds!

Everyone I knew is dead, just gone.

Did we plant the seeds?



Does not hurt to worry some!

Though it does not help one bit!

God’s Son died, we are forgiven now!

The brightest lamp is lit!



Sam Cox  02.24.09

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