How explain?  How indeed?


Rain pouring in my trench hole,

No sleep tonight for me!



What else is there?  I prayed!

Very little comfort there!

But pray, it is the thing to do!

Now explain?  Compare–



One moment wet and miserable!

Helmeted head a bit higher!

Resting on convenient ledge!

Kept a whole lot dryer!



Had already lost 15 lbs.,

Another 20 to go!

Before this stupid hill was won!

For the locals below.



Consider this left side submerged!

Rain pouring in my hole!

Poncho overhead did not help much!

Did an Angel take control?



I slept through this mess, just passed out!

Pretty hard to believe!

An Angel warmed the water, what?

Awoke refreshed to receive–



Warmth from a fire, all coffee’d up!

Patrol, what else is there?

Another G.I. shot down, keep going!

Soon we will find their lair!



Until then we will search!  I am way up front!

With no place to, still we go!

Another camp, a lot higher now!

This is progress, you know!



To reiterate, we return with four!

Whittled down many times

From twelve!  I am told we are winning!

When to kill, not a crime!



Concentrate but retaliate!

Tit for tat, we learn well!

“If you enemy hungers…” kill him!

Send the idiot to Hell!



Dear God, forgive, I did not mean,

I did not want to kill!

War, you know, anything goes!

Soon we go down that hill!



For what?  Just another war?

History does repeat!

“Love your enemies…”

But must not suffer defeat!



Surely God knows!  “Thou shalt not kill.”

But what is a man to do?

To object conscientiously?

Did David see this through?



Perhaps not!  His “Mighty men of Valor,”

Did as they were told!

Drive them out!  Our enemies!

Obeying God, The BOLD!



Sam Cox  02.27.09

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