She was a preachers daughter, I a missionary son!

Guess birds of a feather flock.

Could hardly ever keep us apart!

Like, they almost shared one sock!



I knew that someday I would settle down,

To do the ministry thing!

But meanwhile life was calling out there

And this boy must have his fling!



So fling it was from Atlantic, cold,

To Pacific, warmth, go West!

Hitchhike, of course, one place?  This clown?

Of course, I loved the Pacific best!



But in between two states, did their thing,

The wild wilderness attracts!

Wyoming and Utah, wide open spaces

Just highway and railroad tracks!



Traveled both ways, never cost a cent!

Boxcars always free!

Hitchhiking the easy way, way back then!

No free ways distracted me!



Then civilized, yes, in the Army life!

Conforming to no life at all!

Lost millions of men in World War II!

Did I then hear God call?



I believe, yes, many times over!

God only knows His ways!

He spoke not just once but many times!

Bad tricks, distraction plays!



God stayed by my side!  I love Him so!

What’s left of my life I give!

Back to Him who sacrificed all!

That I with Him may live!



I am settled now, my mate has been

With me through ten or more

Churches, that is, I am a three-year man,

As I have mentioned before!



Settled down now, lost most of her kin

Are gone!  As are my own!

Know something, up there we will be

Nevermore alone!



Know what else?  Count a multitude

Of children, grandchildren and

Great to carry on this legacy that

We will share in foreverland!



My prayer!  You know this is my prayer,

I weep for you all each day!

That I will see you all at home!

With God to stay there always!



Sam Cox  02.25.09

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